ICI, Inc. experienced investigative team is thoroughly trained and familiar with all aspects of surveillance investigations including pre-surveillance steps, effective surveillance techniques, and legal issues. We carefully develop a specific game plan for each surveillance assignment by analyzing all relevant information and formulating approaches that will provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Equipment: Each investigator is equipped with a state-of-the-art, digital video camera and covert surveillance equipment which ensures consistent, professional documentation even in the most difficult of scenarios.

Pricing: ICI, Inc. offers competitive pricing available in either flat rate plans or hourly rates. You decide which plan works best for your needs. Click here to e-mail us for a quote.

No matter the investigation, you can rest assured that ICI, Inc. will leave no stone unturned. We strive to provide top-quality work for all our clients on each and every case. So give us a call and experience the ICI difference.


The ICI Mortgage Fraud Team is comprised of experienced due diligence investigators skilled in conducting in-depth mortgage fraud investigations, background research, locate investigations, and financial asset investigations.

We assist the private mortgage insurance industry, lenders, and numerous banking institutions across the country with expert mortgage fraud investigations.

Investigations include:

  • Uncovering material misstatements, misrepresentations, or omissions relating to the property or potential mortgage relied on by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase, or insure a loan
  • Identifying Lender Knowledge in the mortgage loan process
  • Verifying Loan Information and authenticating documents and signatures
  • Occupancy Investigation and interviews
  • Income Verification
  • Identifying Straw Buyers and Front Buyers
  • Identifying I.D. Theft
  • Locate Borrower and interview potential witnesses
  • Execute Verification of Employment (VOE's) and 4506-T
  • Asset and Liability Verification
  • Bank Statement Verification
  • Down Payment/Source of Funds Verification
  • HUD-1 Verification
  • Identifying Undisclosed Debt and Property

Our comprehensive reports include:

  • Investigative Summary
  • Occupancy Verification
  • Lender Knowledge
  • Employment and Income Verifications (VOE)
  • Loan Officer Interview
  • Verification of Deposit
  • Borrower/Co-borrower Interview
  • Asset and Liability
  • Sources of Funds
  • Undisclosed Debt and Property
  • Evidence obtained during investigation

Our investigators have a thorough knowledge of key documents involved in the loan process such as Form 1003, closing statement or HUD-1, and understand the contents of the relevant documents involved in real estate loans and related transactions.


Hire the Right People

As the ultimate success or failure of a business is directly attributable to the quality of its employees, does it make sense to overlook your hiring process?

ICI's pre-employment screenings are conducted by licensed private investigators who carefully research and analyze multiple databases and provide our clients with relevant information needed to make informed hiring decisions. Ethos offers the most powerful, customizable, easy-to-use technology in the background screening industry. Pre-employment background checks can be ordered, accessed, and delivered online in a convenient, user-friendly format. Our system is browser-based, so there is no need for software to install, and no need to contend with network or firewall issues.

In addition, ICI has customizable pre-employment screenings, and we invite you to choose the plan that best accommodates your needs. Our pre-employment screenings can include education and employment verifications, criminal history checks, record of litigation investigations, judgment and lien research, motor vehicle reports, multi-state sexual and violent offender registry searches, and personal reference checks imperative to your decision making process.

Don’t overlook your company's most valuable asset. Use ICI's pre-employment service and give your organization the best chance to succeed by hiring your most qualified job candidates.

The explosion of social media sites and the increasing popularity of communicating and publishing personal information on the internet, makes it possible to use social media evidence to help verify or deny a questionable claim.

Our specialized, trained desktop investigators use legal techniques while searching out published information from network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our resource team utilizes deep Web resource tools to provide a complete and thorough examination of information associated with claimants.

Perpetual SNI

When a Social Network Investigation has been successful and pertinent information has been obtained, we offer follow-up services by reviewing these confirmed sites for updates on a regular basis. Our experienced team will monitor these sites for new activity, and when new information is developed, we will analyze and preserve the information automatically. Based on the Web site's activity, we will provide ongoing consultation to newly developed information.

New Massachusetts Alimony Law Aimed at Cohabitating Ex-Spouses


Until recently, a divorced spouse in Massachusetts could set up a new household with a significant other and continue to collect alimony as long as he or she did not remarry. The paying spouse had little recourse until the Alimony Reform Act took effect.

Starting March 1, 2012, the Alimony Reform Act fundamentally changed Massachusetts divorce law. Among the changes, the law now allows parties that are paying alimony to seek a modification or termination of payments after their former spouse moves in with a significant other.

New Rules for Alimony and Cohabitation

This new provision of Massachusetts divorce law requires the alimony-paying spouse to show that the spouse receiving alimony has "maintained a common household" with another person for at least three continuous months. A common household means that people cohabitate, or share a primary residence. To determine this, courts may consider factors such as:

  • Statements the spouse made to other people about the relationship
  • Whether the two individuals in the couple are financially dependent on each other, or whether one person in the relationship is financially dependent on the other
  • The reputation in the community of the spouse and his or her significant other as a couple

A judge may suspend, reduce or terminate alimony if the paying spouse shows that his or her former spouse has created a common household with another person. If the relationship or the common household ends, a court may order alimony benefits to be reinstated, but reinstated benefits may not extend past the end date of the original order.

As with other aspects of alimony, suspending or terminating benefits under these circumstances is complex and may depend on individual circumstances. Divorced spouses who believe they may be able to reduce or eliminate their alimony obligations or who believe that their alimony payments are in danger of being altered should contact an experienced attorney for advice.

Cohabitation Provision One of Many Changes

The scenario of a spouse continuing to collect alimony while cohabitating with another person was one of many "horror stories" that advocates for alimony reform presented during the campaign for a new law.

A task force gathered to examine the issue ultimately recommended sweeping changes that received widespread support in the Massachusetts Legislature. In addition to allowing alimony to be altered when the receiving spouse is cohabitating with another person, the Alimony Reform Act eliminates lifetime alimony in most cases, provides specific time limits for spousal support and requires alimony to end when the paying spouse reaches retirement age.

Massachusetts Alimony Reform Finally Signed into Law

On September 26, 2011 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law major reforms to the state's alimony system. The bill, which passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, attempts to modernize the state's alimony laws and largely abolishes lifetime spousal support.

Previous attempts at alimony reform had failed to receive enough support from legislators. This led the state to create a task force in 2009 to examine current alimony laws and provide recommendations. The task force included Massachusetts family law attorneys and other advocates who frequently had differing goals and viewpoints. Eventually, however, the group arrived at a series of alimony reforms they could all support.

Gov. Patrick called the law "an important set of reforms to modernize and make more fair the alimony system."

The most common criticism of the previous alimony system was that it allowed lifelong alimony to be awarded even after short-term marriages. Judges could also require alimony payments to continue even after the spouse receiving payments cohabited with a new partner or the spouse making payments retired.

Many activists from the grass roots group Massachusetts Alimony Reform shared "horror stories" with legislators about unfair and never-ending alimony payments. Steve Hitner, the group's president, explained his view of the previous alimony law, "It put a lot of people in the poorhouse," he stated, "It made people never able to retire." Critics of the previous alimony system claim reform was long overdue.

Reaction to Reforms

Those involved with the drafting of the new law feel it is beneficial for those on both sides of the issue. "It's a good bill that balanced the needs of the payees and those who are paying their spouses," stated family law attorney Denise Squillante, a past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, who was involved in writing the bill.

Not everyone, however, is pleased with the reforms. Some critics are concerned that the new law does not allow for enough flexibility based on individual circumstances, especially with regard to women who give up their job to raise children. "It's arbitrary to have cutoff periods that effectively make it harder for that opportunity loss to be valued in the divorce," explained Wendy Murphy, an adjunct law professor from New England Law in Boston.

Major Changes to the Massachusetts Alimony System

The new alimony law will become effective on March 1 , 2012. It makes a variety of reforms including setting time limits on the duration of alimony based on how long a couple was married and allowing most alimony payments to stop at retirement. Payments may also be suspended if the spouse receiving alimony begins living with a new partner.

Under the new reforms, if a couple is married five years or less, the length of alimony could not exceed half the length of the marriage. For example, if a couple was married for four years, alimony could only last up to two years. For marriages that lasted 15 to 20 years, alimony payments could last up to 80 percent of the marriage duration.

The law still allows for indefinite alimony to be awarded for long-term marriages. Reimbursement alimony can also be ordered if, for example, one spouse paid for the other's college tuition.

Moreover, numerous factors will be considered when determining the need and amount of Massachusetts alimony or spousal support payments including: marriage duration, income, age, employability and conduct during the time of the marriage. This will hopefully bring fairness and clarity to the alimony system. "Judges will now be able to consider the facts of each case in determining alimony orders," explained Squillante.

Wider Implications

A spokesperson for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said Massachusetts' alimony law has gone from one extreme - allowing for permanent alimony awards, to the other - having specific rules for termination. She thinks the law could start a trend across the country of states setting more precise guidelines for determining the duration of alimony. Currently, the alimony laws of most states allow for much more discretion when determining alimony awards.

What About My Current Alimony Order?

Those whose current alimony orders exceed the time limits laid out in the new law may file for modifications according to specific timeline. There is some uncertainty, however, with how judges may apply the new law in established spousal support cases. This makes the knowledge and experience of a Massachusetts family law attorney extremely valuable. A lawyer can discuss your available options and help you pursue the course of action determined to be in your best interest.

Governor Signs An Act Reforming Alimony in the Commonwealth

On September 26, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick signed An Act Reforming Alimony in the Commonwealth. This effective date of this Act is March 1, 2012. This Act makes significant changes to alimony law in Massachusetts. Among the many important provisions is the phase-in schedule in Section 5 of the Act (pages 6 and 7). You must check Section 5 to determine when you can file a complaint for modification because your existing alimony judgment exceeds the durational limits set forth in this law.

Section 5 provides:

Any complaint for modification filed by a payor pursuant to section 54 of chapter 208 of the General Laws solely because the existing alimony judgment exceeds the durational limits set forth in section 49 of said chapter 208, may only be filed pursuant to the following:

  1. Payors who were married to the alimony recipient 5 years or less, may file a modification action on or after March 1, 2013.
  2. Payors who were married to the alimony recipient 10 years or less, but more than 5 years, may file a modification action on or after March 1, 2014.
  3. Payors who were married to the alimony recipient 15 years or less, but more than 10 years, may file a modification action on or after March 1, 2015.
  4. Payors who were married to the alimony recipient 20 years or less, but more than 15 years, may file a modification action on or after September 1, 2015.

Don't be a victim of infidelity!

  • Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you?
  • Is your spouse not reporting hidden assets during a divorce?
  • Do you need more information about a prospective bride / bridegroom?
  • Is a beloved family member involved with someone you don't trust?

Discover your spouse's or partner's activities or movements.

ICI, Inc. always protects the confidentiality of the client and subject. Our surveillance division are equipped with the latest in surveillance techniques for getting the photos and video critical to your case.

  • Surveillance by experienced operatives
  • Video and photographic evidence
  • Cell/Telephone Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Court Testimony

ICI, Inc. can assist in the discovery and investigation related to all types of domestic and matrimonial investigations:

  • Pre Marital / Prenuptial Verification
  • Matrimonial surveillance
  • Track a Cheating Wife
  • Criminal / Background Searches
  • Cohabitation
  • Bigamy
  • Matrimonial Infidelity - Lie Detection
  • Discovery of Hidden Assets
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Marriage Partner Infidelity
  • Catch a Cheating Husband
  • Family Disputes
  • Missing Persons
  • Child Custody / Visitation
  • Stalking / Harassment / Abuse

Corporations must protect themselves against threats to their safety and solvency. Conducting surveillance gives a corporation the ability to more effectively carry out counter intelligence investigations from a ICI, Inc.


Conducting corporate surveillance will help detect threats. Be proactive - don't wait for something to happen before taking steps to protect your company. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


Corporate surveillance can be used to deter threats. Active surveillance will discourage perpetrators from committing dishonest and harmful acts against your company.


Intelligence gained through surveillance can show how to defend against a threat. When you know what the threat is, you can find the most effective defense against it.

Corporations may decide to initiate surveillance to protect against industrial espionage, embezzlement, drug abuse, product tampering, counterfeit of products, internal theft and sabotage. Personal Injury and Insurance Fraud Surveillance for ICI, Inc. expert surveillance provided for corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and other private investigation firms.

  • Insurance Claims Photography
  • Insurance Fraud Surveillance & Video

There are hundreds of documented cases of employees collecting Workers' Compensation who are no longer disabled, or while they are simultaneously holding another job. Our surveillance division are equipped with the latest in surveillance techniques for getting the photos and video critical to your case.


Our services at ICI, Inc. include covert surveillance and electronic countermeasures. Our private investigators are committed to providing you with outstanding surveillance services without compromising accuracy and reliability. These private investigators will not break any laws to secure surveillance evidence. These private investigators will provide excellent documentation and expert testimony for any legal proceedings.

Matrimonial Surveillance Services and Investigations:

  • Divorce Cases
  • Cheating Spouses
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Infidelity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Alimony Reduction
  • Premarital Criminal and Background Searches

Additional Domestic Surveillance Operations and Investigations:

  • Nanny Cam
  • Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Runaway Child
  • Housekeeper or Roommate Theft
  • Violation of Restraining Order
  • Elderly & Disabled Caregiver Activities
  • Identity Theft

Our private investigators are equipped with the latest in domestic surveillance techniques for getting the photos, video and audio critical to your case.


We are a full service private investigation firm committed to preserving the integrity of the financial services industry through exhaustive background checks on professional money managers.

As a result of the rapid expansion of the hedge fund industry over the past decade and several high profile hedge fund related fraud cases, due diligence professionals and high net worth investors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of thorough background checks on current and prospective asset managers. Allow our experienced team to service all of your investigative needs. Our experienced team of investigators has been assisting individuals and corporations with financial fraud over the past decade.

Services We Provide:

  • Background checks on current and potential future asset managers. Depending on your level of risk, our process can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Service private equity and venture capital investors on target company and key executive investigations.
  • Surveillance specialists.

Why would you need an individual asset search, or a corporate asset search?

  • Litigation preparation
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • Financial institutions preparing to loan large sums of money
  • Tracking large financial transfers, possibly due to illegal gain
  • Background checks to investigate future spouses or in-laws
  • Background checks for a potential mate that you've met online
  • Attorneys and collection agencies to levy hidden assets for judgments
  • Determining whether assets are available to make litigation worthwhile
  • Spouses wanting to locate concealed assets before a divorce action

It's finally time! You've been a sole proprietor for years, and you're ready to take on investors to move forward and help your business grow. Several candidates are standing by, waiting for your approval. But who is the best choice? Who should serve as a major player in your company's expansion? Naturally, one of the most important factors is the individual's financial solvency: can they provide your funding as promised? Few individual investors are willing to divulge all aspects of their financial background to you. Sure, they'll give you an overall picture, but chances are they won't reveal everything.

Note Pad
  • Determine the facts from individuals and witnesses
  • Preserve testimony
  • Identify the presence of fraud indicators or suspicious circumstances
  • Due diligence
  • Witness canvass

ICI, Inc.. can assist you in pinpointing the facts through comprehensive and in-depth interviews. ICI, Inc. understands the basic principals of human behavior and conduct efficient and valuable interview to gather the facts surrounding an event or incident. ICI, Inc. is dedicated to find pertinent information from individuals by establishing rapport and recognizing verbal and non-verbal behavior that allows us to determine if a person is being truthful.

Depending on the particular circumstances surrounding your case, ICI, Inc. will tailor the interview to focus on a reported injury or accident, a specific date of loss, a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, current medication, follow-up treatment plans, employment and injury history, physical restrictions, current activity levels, home environment or marital/dependent status. ICI, Inc. will create the best possible environment to facilitate the communication of the facts and with attentive listening skills, we will gather the information surrounding an event and are able to assess the underlying truth or deception.


ICI, Inc. is dedicated to gathering intelligent information and concrete evidence through extensive research and analysis. Our background investigations provide you with up-to-date, pertinent evidence to support a claim or defense by identifying and verifying potential risks. These specialized investigations uncover important records, lending insight to help mitigate your potential risks.

ICI, Inc. has an array of both public and vital private records across the United States and abroad and utilize the most powerful and comprehensive databases available to deliver facts and up-to-date intelligence regarding individuals and companies. All pertinent information is cross-referenced to help insure reliability and accuracy. Access to our extensive investigative databases and resources enable us to uncover complex and confidential information that otherwise may have gone undetected. We will help you fill in the blanks, giving you insight into an individual's past and potential future.

With Each of ICI, Inc. background investigations you will receive a detailed and professionally written report. The report will include all investigative findings and copies of database records pertaining to your subject to help you accurately assess your company's risks and liabilities. You can also requests specific assignments to include additional specialized investigations that will provide further supporting evidence into your subject's personal history.

ICI, Inc.'s standard background investigation includes the following:

  • 7-year criminal and civil record search in subject's county of residence
  • Wants & Warrants
  • Address Information – provides subject's past addresses and movement patterns
  • Comprehensive subject profile search
  • Public Record Search – bankruptcies, federal/state/county tax liens and monetary judgments, uniform commercial code filings
  • Corporation Records and Business Search
  • Statewide Department of Correction Criminal Search
  • Statewide Professional Licenses
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Search – database contains currently registered violent and sex offenders with felony conviction records in 43 states
  • Statewide Criminal Record Search (applicable states)
  • Federal Criminal and Civil Records Search
  • Nationwide Newspaper, Periodical and Internet Index Search
  • Worker's Compensation History Check (singed release may be required)


At Integrity Claims Investigations, Inc. we have developed techniques and database research skills over the past decade to find "skips" that have developed their own techniques to elude professionals. We have trade secrets that we will not even share with law enforcement, but will and have assisted them in locating people. We are so confident in our capabilities and knowledge of this industry that if we cannot locate someone we do not charge for services rendered.

We cannot provide a set price for this service since the fee can range from $150 to $2,000. You can call for a free 15-minute consultation and we can provide a better idea of the cost as every case is unique.

  • We do require a $500 retainer fee for this service.


  • We will not locate any person for unethical reasons. (EX. A disgruntled ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse)
  • In many domestic cases we will notify the "skip" and give them the opportunity to contact the client, but will not give the client their information without valid documentation supporting reasons why the client is pursuing the "skip".
  • Once we confirm a valid address "where they rest their head" the client is responsible for all charges incurred during the investigation.
  • If we locate an employer and not an address we reserve the right to withhold or provide that information based on an acceptable payment.
  • After we locate any "skip" we reserve the right to receive full payment before any information is provided to the client.
  • We do not have to locate a phone number in addition to an address for it to be classified as a locate, as not everybody has a phone number.

The Four Biggest Facts:

  • One-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs!
  • Only 46% of men believe that online affairs are not adultery!
  • Adult websites generate over $1 Billion a year in revenue!
  • 8-10 percent of Internet users become hooked on cybersex!

People of the world have been brought closer together through the technology of the Internet. Chat rooms and email have allowed us to form friendships with people in places we have never seen and with people that we may not have had the chance to meet.

The benefits are truly amazing and beneficial, however, the Internet has also created a haven for infidelity and destructive behavior resulting in the break down of family and intimate relationships that are so important to the fabric of our society. Many spouses and couples have turned to strangers in chat rooms and Internet pornography for companionship and have turned away from their family and friends. In many cases, these online relationships turn to real-life encounters and sexual infidelity.

Most Private-Investigation Firms like to list "the top 10 or 15 signs of someone having an affair", but if you have already read this far then you have most likely discovered something different within your partner and/or are just looking to be reassured.

The single most import fact is to keep you suspicions to yourself and gather as much information as you can. Next, call a professional and develop an investigative plan best suited to provide you with the opportunity to find out the facts and minimize your cost. Together we will develop a plan and we will find what you need.

  • Real-Time GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking Available @ a Cost that is Guaranteed to Work within your Budget.

Activity Check

ICI, Inc.'s Activity Check includes discreet inquiries that lend insight into a subject's level of physical capabilities, activities, hobbies and possible employment status. Through this investigative process, a description of the claimant's residence, neighborhood and surroundings is determined and additional relevant information pertaining to the subject is provided. All data is provided to you in a detailed, professional report.

Alive & Well Check

ICI, Inc. will confirm and individual's current living or deceased status, receipt of benefit checks and activity level. The investigation includes a search/verification of individual's Social Security Number and Social Security Administration Death Master file and a nationwide periodical index search for obituary postings. It also includes a telephonic inquiry or face to face interview with the subject and/or neighbors in a direct or discreet manner, to obtain SSN, current address and telephone number, medical treatment and benefit check status, activity level and disability status and residence description.

Dependency Check

ICI, Inc.'s Dependency Check Investigation includes discreet inquiries in the subject's local neighborhood to verify marital status, number of dependent children living in the household, and if requested, a discreet interview of the subject. In addition, a database and court records search is conducted to verify the subject's marital status. The detailed report includes a listing of the names and addresses of local area sources contacted, as well as copies of all records pertaining to your subject.

Scene Locus Investigation

This service, conducted by ICI, Inc. includes photographs, a diagram of the accident scene/vehicle(s), and a professional written report.

Investigative Consulting

ICI, Inc. can assist you with explaining the laws, suitable case procedures, database research (what you should and should not be charged for), explaining the benefit of surveillance and other investigations and discussing the types of cases that may be detriment to the company's bottom line.

Attorney Services

ICI, Inc. can assist you with pre trial investigations, criminal defense and any other investigative assistance that may be needed.

Scar and Vehicle Photographs

ICI, Inc. can provide crystal clear photographs of exactly what you need. This service can be done incognito when necessary.


ICI, Inc. will obtain thorough answers in a timely manner to meet your last minute needs.

Household Motor Vehicle Checks

In this day and age of leases and family members with different last names discreet interviews must be done diligently to uncover household motor vehicles, residency and insurance policies. ICI, Inc. can provide all the essential answers in a timely manner.

Tenant Checks

ICI, Inc. will provide you with detailed information about your tenants. We will provide confirmed previous addresses, we will interview previous landlords, confirm employment information and provide their criminal history.