Assign a Case

The starting point for opening an investigation is to Assign a Case. This opens a new case for review.
  • Enter all of the relevant details for the case.
  • All items marked with an *asterisk must be filled out.
  • The more detail entered, the better the case can be researched.
  • New cases will be empty, but you will be able to view case notes and media as soon as it is collected.
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Please fill out all applicable information – however if you don’t have certain information we will find it for you. Please provide a new form for each claimant.

*Required Information
*Claim Number:
*Your Insured:
*Date of Loss:
Date of Birth:
Phone #:
Cell Phone #:
Work Phone #:
IME Date:
IME Time:
IME Dr. Name:
IME Address:
Vehicle Info & Registration No.:
Spouse's Name:
Claim Type:
Investigation Requested:
Additional Information: